• Indoor Environment Quality Monitoring and Analyzing System


    Occupants’ health is closely related to the indoor environment quality (IEQ). This project has developed a wireless indoor environment sensing system with exquisite industrial design and stable performance, to improve occupants’ awareness of the indoor environment. Meanwhile, the team together with the building-environment experts from Tsinghua and Harvard University, have built a big data analytics platform. This platform aims to mine knowledge of occupant behaviors and health, and then find schemes to improve the IEQ. The integration of the hardware with the data analytics platform has broken down the barriers between industries, so that the hardware can assist humans’ health-care in the true sense after sensing.


    At present, product of this project has entered marketing and mass production stages. It has been applied in fields such as scientific research in universities, smart-home, green buildings, etc. The team have cooperated with USGBC to promote the American Green School projects, and provided technique supports for the Green School education programs for K12 youth both in China and the US. 5 patents and 2 software copyrights have been granted, and more are pending so far. Moreover, the hardware from this project won 2014 Red Star Design Award, and got the certification of "CE Marking" and “FCC Marking”.

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