Dynamics Memory is R&D hi-tech Company. It provides graphene-based materials and devices.One product is superlubricity coating for friction-reduction.Suplerlubricty means ultralowor nearly zero friction phenomenon between interfaces. Another product is big strain, flexible and super sensitive graphene-based sensors. With long time research background at Beijing Tsinghua University, Dynamics Memory supplies optimal HDD mechanical and material design and technology, manufacturing the first superlubricity based magnetic head in the world. It also provides super sensitive strain sensors for human body monitoring, precise positioning and flexible electronics.
Founded in 2014, Dynamics Memory’sR&D center in Beijing, China. 

Dynamics Memory is in R&D sate and the company is actively seeking for industrial partnership to further expand its technology offer, ramp up production and implement its business strategy. Existing investors will back up an external investment.

The Market: 
Dynamics Memory is team of multidisciplinary professionals working to enable you to make superlubric contact interfaces into your devices, solving friction and wear issue. Our revolutionary hard drives products, developed in DynamicsMemory, will everywhere that digital information and content is found: in the cloud, supporting bid data technology, supporting your mobile digital lifestyle; in business servers and personal computers; in external storage devices; in the digital video recorder in your home; and in sophisticated medical, military, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and telecommunications systems. Due to lower TCO costs and higher compatibility of superlubricity-based technology, our hard disk drives technology is competitive for next generation data centers. Besides, huge market exists in friction-resistance field for our future superlubricity-based products.Our potential customers range from some of the largest companies in the world to individual users like you.

Product and Technology:
l The innovation isn't only about how many bits can be squeezed onto a given surface area but about the physics of the drive's operation.
l    Head/media interface mechanics optimization
l    Superlubric surfaces smart coating and materials
l    Hard drive disks moving parts fine interactions
l   Dynamics Memory develops new generation Head/Media interface and tribology technology with optimal mechanic characteristics based on superlubrcity which means nearly zero friction moving phenomena.
l   Our products: patents; licenses; know-how; R&D for big strategic partners in HDD market and other potential markets

Dynamics Memory’s Strengths:
l  Innovation: The world’s first “superlubricity technology supported company”. In HDD market, by replacing the regular friction in a hard drive with special superlubric graphene or other 2D material coating, the disks inside create less friction when they spin.
l  Large capacity: Largely distance reduction between transducer and magnetic layer results in much higher capacity.
l  Stable for vibration: adhesion leads to smooth move, avoiding conflict while vibration.
l  Balance cost: cheaper fabrication cost, lubricant-free and decreasing of graphene cost
l  Lower power cost: Pure mechanical and physical structure with negligible heat dissipation without heater, laser and other heat production technologies.
l  Compatibility:Compatible with emerging HDD technologies including Helium sealing, PMR, AFC media, BPM and SMR.
l  Lower TCO:Less cost, higher reliability, higher capacity and lower energy cost will increase TCO for data centers

Dynamics Memory’s Team:
Dynamics Memory’s team comprises of unique experts in variety of multidisciplinary fields, required to obtain world’s first superlubricity based device. Among the expertise DynamicsMemory’s team excel at are: Large scale superlubricity research, nano material science, tribology, mechanics, device fabrication and manufacturing techniques. All with proven records of working products and years of experience, it results in a vast "know-how".

Partnership Offering: 
Dynamics Memory is opening a strategic partnership opportunity, to further expand its technology offer, ramp up production and implement its business development strategy to provide complete modular solutions for selected market applications. 

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