ArkBand project

Tsinghua lifeark team is consisted of 87 doctor candidates from 15 departments such as Electronics, computing sciences, fine arts, medicine. ArkBand is the world’s first smart health wristband with discomfort-free physiological data measurement abilities. Apart from providing accurate measurement of body physiological parameters including blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and blood oxygen, it also comes with a responsive cloud data service platform for comprehensive health data analysis and therefore can serve as the innovative interface for the future mobile internet based health management industry. This device is armed in total with 30 significant unique innovational technologies, 8 international innovational technologies, 8 software copyrights and 9 specific process designs. Arkband have won Gold Award of 43th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2015), Gold Award of Chinese College Students Challenge-Cup, China (2014) and First Runner-up of China Internet and Mobile Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (2014). ArkBand obtained more than 10 million RMB financing already.

Project Schedule