Bio - KANGTAI new low molecular heparin project

Under the support of the national “twelfth five-year” and 863 project, we researched and developed recombinant acidic polysaccharide lyases with our own independent intellectual property rights, which have high activity and good stability, were chosen by the Chinese pharmacopoeia as standard testing enzymes. And the heparin rapid detection kits are widely used in more than 40 domestic heparin producing enterprises, universities and research institutions. This project has established business relationship with several medical instrument companies, and formally entered the domestic clinical in vitro detection reagent market. We have established the middle scale combining enzymatic low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) producing process, and are exploring the patent and technology licensing opportunities with foreign company. Our LMWH process has got the attention of international top research institutes such as EMBL and Ronzoni institute, which filled the technology gaps in this field in China, and explored a new way to break the international monopoly. Our team declared and approved "the Beijing municipal science and technology star plan", "technology innovation fund for small and mid-sized enterprise", "sea sail enterprises" project funding, and also got the honor of "Chinese food industry production, innovation and development of outstanding scientific research achievement award", "outstanding contribution prize in Chinese food industry production, innovation and development enterprise”.

Project Schedule