Forum of Innovation in Emergency Medicine

Continued cooperation with Israel: the forum of Innovation in Emergency Medicine held in Tsinghua University

12th Dec, 2016, Embassy of Israel in Beijing jointly hosted the Forum of Innovation in Emergency Medicine with Office of Technology Transfer, Tsinghua University. XIN Center, Tsinghua University, x-Lab, Institute for Global Industry 4.5 organized the Forum. Israel Ambassador to China Matan Vilnai, Vice President of Tsinghua University, Prof. Shi Yigong attended the Forum and delivered opening speeches.

Israel Ambassador to China Matan Vilnai delivering openning speech
Prof. Shi Yigong recalled the continuing in-depth history of cooperation with Israel, stressed the necessity and urgency of strengthening exchanges with Israel in the field of emergency medicine. Shi also mentioned Israel’s advanced technology transfer system. In all Israeli industries, including the healthcare industry, high speed incubation and acceleration is possible because of efficient and stable technology innovation ecosystem behind it. Tsinghua University, as China's top university, must become China's scientific and technological innovation accelerator. The two countries should continue to deepen cooperation in response to Vice Premier Liu Yandong’calling : "Institutions of higher education should focus on market need to become engines of innovation ".

Vice-President of Tsinghua University, Prof. Shi Yigong
Attendees from the two countries conducted in-depth exchanges on the current situation in emergency medical industry, technologies as well as the existing system. In his keynote speech "Health policy: emergency and disaster preparedness and management" Israel Ministry of Health Deputy Director Arnon Afek introduced Israeli experience in response to emergencies; Emergencies and Disaster Management Senior Adviser to the Israeli Ministry of health  Dr. Bruria Adini focused on training programs and exercises that enhance people's response to the crisis; Institute for Public Safety Research (IPSR), Tsinghua University Prof. Hui Zhang introduced China's public health emergency response information system and the global EOC Cooperation. In addition, there are representatives from 8 leading Israeli medical enterprises introduced their products that focus on solving general problems of the emergency and mobile medical.
Emergency medical innovation Forum
While showcasing Israeli emergency medical excellence, the Forum also invited Dr. Hu Yongmei, Deputy Director of the Institute of Medical Devices of Sinopharm and dozens of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises including CRPCG and other investment representatives, thus to build a platform for the health industry practitioner to conduct in-depth exchange and explore the applications of Israeli technologies in the Chinese market.

Emergency medical innovation Forum
As China's top universities, Tsinghua University is committed to a sound development mechanism and the innovation system of science and technology, and establishing a deep and lasting relationship with Israel in the process. In, 2014, Tsinghua University and Tel Aviv University jointly established XIN Center to create an interdisciplinary innovation platform for international cooperation. In 2015, initiated by Vice Premie Liu Yandong the China-Israel 7+7 Research University Alliance was established, XIN Center, Tsinghua University became the Secretariat of the Alliance, enhanced its role as the facilitator of cooperation and Exchange between Universities in China and Israel.  In September 2016, Tsinghua University, Tel Aviv University and Morningside ventures held the China Israel Innovation Forum in Hong Kong Jockey Club, Beijing. President of Tsinghua University Professor Qiu Yong, President of Tel Aviv University Professor Joseph Klafter and influential academics, politicians and business leaders of the two countries attended to exchanges and discuss the latest technology development and innovation projects in universities. The Innovation in Emergency Medicine Forum, which focused on Israel’s world leading healthcare industry, is a response of Tsinghua University to the "Belt and Road” initiative, and an attempt to actively promote deeper and more effective cooperation between China and Israel.