2016 XIN Project Review in Beijing

2016 XIN Project Review Held in Beijing

On September 21st, 2016 XIN forum Project Review was held at Tsinghua University. 13 project teams from Tel Aviv University and Tsinghua University have brought their latest updates in technology development and marketing. These projects cover medical, nanotechnology, intelligent software and hardware, materials and other fields, reflecting the forward-looking technical perspective.

This year's XIN forum was held in Beijing & Shenzhen. Beijing focus on project review and invited Ms. Hua Yijia partner from China Materialia, Dr. Zhao Lei chairman of Symbow Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. Zhu Hengyuan associate professor of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, CFLD Industry Research Institute President Mr. Zhu Jiang, Israel serial entrepreneur Eran Fine as project reviewers.

Questions and comments on the review to the guests, and open communication between projects, let the team feel benefit. "Super lubrication hard disk" project team Zhang Mo, said Zhu Hengyuan, associate professor and Fine Eran on the industry trends and projects aimed at the market, he was greatly inspired by the proposal.
After the review, the XIN Center will be screening excellent projects suitable to the Shenzhen Forum, thus provide the linkage between capital and project, this will also create conditions for commercialization and industrialization for these projects in the future. And this Beijing-Shenzhen cooperation screening and delivery process has opened a new pattern of north and the south strategic cooperation for XIN Center.