• Bluepha


    Bluepha is a synthetic-biology and biomaterial company, incubated by XIN center of Tsinghua University. Using an original technology platform termed ‘Blue Biotechnology’, Bluepha greatly reduces the production cost of PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates). PHA is a kind of biodegradable polymer, considered as good alternative to petroleum-based plastics.


    The synthetic-biology-based technology platform can also be used for lowering production costs of various metabolites produced by microorganisms. Cost reduction of PHA and other bio-products is important for sustainability of our future world.


    Currently, Bluepha has developed a mature process for PHA production and purification. A 1,000 L pilot scale experiment has been carried out in Jining, Shandong Province. Ton-scale of PHA material has been produced and manufactured into package materials, biodegradable agricultural mulch film, biomedical implant and bio-based textiles. Bluepha has received purchase intention of 3,000 tons of PHA.


    Bluepha is establishing its own microbial-synthetic-biology technology platform and developing an original data integration and intelligence control platform ‘Holog’ for automated microorganism construction based on BioBrick.


    In the future, Bluepha will build its own all-in-one base of production-study-research combination. Bluepha will build a world leading synthetic biology community composed of technology research, industry incubation and science education.

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