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    2019 XIN Forum

    From August 17 to 21, 2019, the 6th XIN Forum (2019 XIN Forum), hosted by XIN Center of Tsinghua University, was successfully held in Beijing. Ms. Rony Goldstein, President’s Office Director of Tel Aviv University, Mr. Yuval Kupitz, Co-Manager of XIN Center of Tel Aviv University, Professor Amir Boag...


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    The 3rd China-Israel Innovation Forum(CIIF)

    From November 30 to December 1, 2018, the Third China-Israel Innovation Forum (CIIF), hosted by XIN Center of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, was held in Shenzhen. CIIF was jointly initiated and organized by Tsinghua University, Tel Aviv University of Israel and Morningside Group...


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    2018 XIN Forum

    From October 9th to 11th, Tsinghua University, Tel Aviv University, and the Israeli Embassy at China jointly held the 5th XIN Forum at Tsinghua University. More than one hundred scholars, entrepreneurs, investors and government officials attended the Forum and had in-depth exchange of views and discussion on technology innovation...


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    2018 XIN Forum Invitation

    Join us for the 5th XIN Forum October 9-11, 2018 at Tsinghua University! Over the last four years, XIN Forums have successfully strengthened academic exchanges and student education, enhanced scientific research cooperation among universities, and introduced Israel high-tech projects to Chinese industry. In 2018, the XIN Forum will continue...


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    2017 XIN Forum

    On September 13-14. Guests include Israeli Ambassador to China Heifetz Zvi, Vice Chairperson of Tsinghua University Council Li Yibing, Director of XIN Center, Dean of Technology Transfer Office, Tsinghua University Jin Qinxian, Co-Director of XIN Center Yael Hanein, XIN Center General Manager...

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    Innovation in Emmergency Medicine

    This forum invited numbers of exellent Israeli medical center, and dozens more well-known enterprise representatives will be introducing of their leading technologies. This showcases Israeli emergency medical exelence, but also create a platform for Chinese domestic pharmaceutical enterprises...


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    2016 XIN Forum

    On September 21st, XIN Center project review of the 2016 XIN Forum was held in Tsinghua University. 13 project teams from Tsinghua University and Tel Aviv University introduced the latest development in R & D and commercialization. These projects cover medical, nanotechnology, intelligent...

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    2015 XIN Forum

    Israel is now one of the most prominent nations for technology innovation and supply in the world, whereas China possesses the world largest and fastest growing market, a complete industrial manufacture ecosystem and favorable innovation and entrepreneurship policies. The strong compatibility...


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    XIN Center International Winter School on Nano-Photonics

    Innovation is the fundamental revelation of a nation’s competitiveness, the driving force of social advancement as well as the guarantee of long-term development of any organization. Witnessed by Ms. LIU Yandong, the vice Prime Minister of China, XIN Center was founded in Israel on May 20, 2014...


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    The 2015 Tsinghua-Celtech Workshop on Frontiers of Science

    Science is without borders. The passion to explore the mystery of nature and the desire to pursue and develop new knowledge has been a universal language shared by all scientists. Indeed, scientists from different nations have worked together on many large projects, including in areas accelerator...


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    2014 XIN Forum

    Innovation is the fundamental revelation of a nation’s competitiveness, the driving force of social advancement as well as the guarantee of long-term development of a company. With the rapid progress of science and technology and emerging innovative enterprises, the world has entered an era...


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